The simple and humble flip-flops and not your “killer” stiletto heels, may be dangerous for women to wear behind the wheel.

According to a recent survey conducted by in the United Kingdom by an insurance company, women who wear flip-flops  admit to being involved in numerous incidents or mishaps behind the wheel. Flip-flops are especially dangerous, because they impair the person’s ability to alternate between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. In some cases, flip flops can get stuck under the pedal, seriously increasing accident risks.

Flip-flops are also believed to reduce braking power by as much as 3%. When a person is travelling at 60 mph, a drop of 3% in braking power can mean that the person travels at least 4 ft. before coming to a complete stop. That is more than enough time to cause an accident.

Even more worryingly, the survey finds that many women drive wearing inappropriate, uncomfortable or even dangerous footwear. Such footwear like flip flops can be very dangerous for driving. Many women continue to wear such shoes even after they have been involved in an accident or near-miss accident wearing the shoe.

As many as one in four female motorists in the study reported that they got their footwear stuck under the pedal. This is one killer wardrobe malfunction that could end in an accident.

In fact according to the study, the most dangerous heels for women to drive in are flip-flops, bare feet, wedges, espadrilles and sandals. Even driving with bare feet can be dangerous. Many female motorists also reported that they had no problem wearing a certain type of footwear behind the wheel, even if they had difficulty walking in them.


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