Persons who suffer from a brain injury already suffer from a range of physical, mental and cognitive effects that impair their ability to live normal lives.  These persons may also have a much higher risk of divorce.  According to new estimates, the rate of divorce or separation among persons who have suffered a traumatic brain injury is as high as 78%.  California brain injury lawyers believe that one of the primary reasons for this increased divorce rate is the sexual dysfunction that is a frequent consequence of a brain injury. 

Recent research which involved an analysis of earlier studies on the effect of brain injury on a person’s sexuality, has found that issues of sexuality are rarely touched upon by doctors, therapists and others working with a person with a brain injury.  The analysis found that as many as 60% of people who suffered a brain injury also experience sexual difficulties. A person with a brain injury may suffer from failure to achieve an erection or get aroused, failure to orgasm, lower sex drive, pain during sex, difficulty with vaginal lubrication, and other problems.

The sexual problems that begin to emerge after a person has suffered a brain injury are very closely connected to the cognitive, physical, and social problems that also result from a brain injury.  For instance, a person who has suffered a brain injury may struggle with issues like with anxiety, and self-esteem which reduces his or her ability to feel desirable and attractive.  There may be physical problems that interfere with a person’s average to enjoy sex, and cognitive and mental problems like disinterest in sex, forgetfulness, and distractions. 

All of these problems are interconnected, and therefore, a person who suffers a brain injury needs holistic solutions to these sexual problems. 


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