Most California personal injury lawyers would agree that the state has been at the forefront when it comes to passing key traffic safety initiatives that help save lives.  Auto safety group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety agrees.

The group recently published a report ranking 50 states and the District of Columbia based on whether these states have passed 15 essential traffic safety laws.  California ranked very well, and was found to have passed most of the important traffic safety laws related to drunk driving, distracted driving and seat belt usage.

However, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety did have a few recommendations for California, and most of these have to do with novice driver rules.  Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety recommends that California implement stronger nighttime driving restrictions for teenage drivers, before they get their unrestricted license.

The report also suggests tweaks to the state’s DUI policy, which has already been very effective in reducing the number of people injured and killed in alcohol-related car accidents across the state.  Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety believes that more lives could be saved if California implemented an all-DUI offender ignition interlock device policy that would require all persons convicted of DUI to have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicle.

This device acts like a breathalyzer to detect alcohol in the person’s system, and prevents the car from starting if it detects alcohol beyond a certain predetermined limit.  These devices have been found to reduce the incidence of drunk driving.

A program like this is currently in the pilot stages in some counties, and it could possibly be expanded to cover the entire state in the future.

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