Distractions, drowsiness and fatigue – there’s a long list of accident risks that faces some of the most important members of our society.  New mothers have much more incentive to stay safe than others, but ironically, many of them neglect safe driving practices.

A new survey by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide, polled more than 2,300 mothers, and asked them about their driving practices.  Any Los Angeles car accident lawyer will find the results of the survey very disturbing.

The study finds that distracted driving is rampant among new moms.  It’s not just distractions from cell phones and driving, although those are fairly huge.  The study finds that approximately 70% of new mothers talk on the cell phone while driving with the baby, while approximately 26% text while driving.

The study also finds that there are plenty of distractions that have to do with lack of attention and feeling overwhelmed.  That is to be expected when you’re a new mom, and about 90% of new parents driving with a child reported that they felt overwhelmed for at least one third of the time that they were driving.

Fatigue and sleepiness is another major issue with new parents, and has a dangerous influence on a person’s driving.  In fact, the study finds that new mothers get even less sleep than truck drivers do.

Mothers also seem to be confused about the kind of car seats to use for their child.  50% of the mothers admitted that they found installing the car seat difficult, but as many as 6 out of 10 mothers in the survey admitted that they had not had their child safety seat checked by a safety technician.

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