It is unfortunately that nearly every driver will get into an auto accident at some point in their lives, especially with a lot of negligent drivers, tricky and icy winter roads, and so on. There are a lot of factors which can cause a collision between vehicles or between a vehicle and pedestrian. With this, it is not surprising to find that a car accident can happen in your future. It is important to learn how to properly respond to an auto accident since it will not only keep you safe, but will also save you money, time, and stress. Additionally, you should have a reliable car insurance coverage in place since it can help you recover any damages and losses that have resulted from the accident. Moreover, you need to know what to do and how to protect yourself when involved in such unfortunate event.

Although you have a reliable car insurance placed in case of accidents, you still need to protect yourself and your rights. The following are a few tips on what you should do in case you get into a car accident.

Check For injuries

Car accidents can lead to serious and fatal injuries. If you got into an accident, you must immediately check yourself and your passenger for any injuries. You must also check if anybody is injured in the other vehicle. If anyone is injured, you must call 911 and ask for immediate medical assistance. Apply first aid treatments when necessary to help any victims of the car crash. Avoid moving anyone who is unconscious or seriously injured, except if you see smoke or flames from the vehicle. Additionally, you must remember to never refuse medical attention since you have the right to get medical assistance. If you try to ignore your injuries, you might find out later on that you feel worse as the hours go by. Not only will this put your health at risk, but the insurance company might also minimize all of your injuries, and even claim that you were not seriously injured.

Move Your Car Off The Road

Some drivers who are involved in an accident feel that they need to keep their vehicles in the position where the accident had occurred; however, moving the vehicle out of the way is the safest choice for everyone on the road. If you find yourself in this situation, you must move your car to a safe location, but don’t leave the accident scene. You must also turn your engine off to minimize the damage done to the engine and reduce potential hazard from leaking fluids. If your car is severely damaged and it is not drivable, you can put hazard lights on and try to protect yourself by staying in the vehicle with seatbelts on, or if you can get out of your car, move to a safe place.

Call The Police And Document The Scene

The best way to protect yourself from huge and erroneous claims by the other driver is to call the police and have the authorities document the scene. The police will be able to locate witnesses and get the needed information for insurance claims. If the police are present at the scene, you won’t have to worry about gathering information from uncooperative or intoxicated driver. Without the presence of authorities, you will have a hard time collecting valuable information which can prevent you from filing an insurance claim or seeking compensation. Aside from calling the police, you must also do your part to document the scene. Take pictures or videos if necessary. Include all relevant details, such as car positions, landmarks, damages, and so on.

Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company

You must contact your auto insurance provider since they can help you through the claim process. If you get in touch with them as soon as possible, you can give them the most accurate recollection of the incident and they can give you the instruction you need. Additionally, your insurance claim will also be processed immediately.

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Kris Lim is an auto insurance agent who offers tips and advice for drivers to help them claim their insurance and be compensated for any injuries, damages, and losses. She also writes for Lincoln auto insurance companies, such as AllStar Insurance.

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