Pediatricians, transportation safety agencies and Los Angeles car accident lawyers are increasingly recommending that older children also be restrained in booster seats, to reduce their risks of fatal injuries in an accident.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has unveiled a new crash test dummy of an older child, that will be used to ensure that the growing number of booster seats being manufactured for older children do a good job of keeping children safe in an accident.

The agency will use the new crash test dummy to evaluate the safety of child seats and booster seats that are made for children who weigh above 65 pounds.  In previous tests, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was forced to rely on dummies that represented 6-year-olds.  The new dummy will be used to evaluate the safety of the seats using chest acceleration and head and knee excursions.

There are now an increasing number of seats manufactured for children between the age of 8 and 10.  Los Angeles car accident lawyers find it encouraging that manufacturers are taking into consideration increasing concerns about the safety of children who are too old for infant seats, and too young for seat-belts.  However, for these children to be really safe in their booster seats, it is important that the car seats be manufactured according federal specifications, and be tested for strength and resilience.

The new crash test dummy, which is known as the ‘Hybrid III 10-year-old child test dummy’ weighs 78 pounds.  The dummy will be used to evaluate the safety of booster seats that are meant for children between 66 and 80 pounds in weight.


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